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Add Osmocore support to the DeforaOS Phone GSM stack

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Add Osmocore support to the DeforaOS Phone GSM stack

Add Osmocore support to the DeforaOS Phone GSM stack
Pierre Pronchery


It would be nice to have a 100% Open Source mobile phone software and hardware implementation, along with a user interface. The embedded desktop environment was already adapted to the Openmoko Freerunner, using the built-in serial interface to the modem, and released as a separate version of the hackable:1 distribution.

The benefit would be to turn Osmocom into a practical solution for GSM telephony, while allowing more developers and users to actually use it.

This assignment can be separated in a number of ways:

  • additional work has to be pushed both within existing graphical telephony environments (such as provided by the DeforaOS project, among others)
  • within Osmocore itself as well, which would require and benefit from a stable and easy to use API for telephony.

Related work


In some timezones it's still January 31st 2011; I'll let you decide if it's too late for this one.

Contractor candidates

Pierre Pronchery (developer of the DeforaOS telephony environment)