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CELinux 040304 Release

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This page describes the CELinux source tree currently under construction.

Integrated Tree


Supported Platforms:

Supported Platforms
i386 generic
VIA Eden board
TI OMAP Innovator
Renesas SH7751 board
Toshiba RBXTX4927 board

Patchset File

CELinux is also provided in patchset form so that individual technology patches may be examined, modified and used independently from the base source tree.


To apply the patches, follow these instructions:

- download the base kernel (see the link in the table below)
- download the patchset tarfile (see the link above)
- unzip and untar the patchset tarfile (tar -xjvf celinux-040304.patchset.tar.bz2)
- run the "tpm" command from the patchset file:
patches.release/tpm -i linux-2.4.20.tar.bz2 -f patches.release/patchlist -o celinux-040304

Base Kernel

The base kernel is Linux version 2.4.20 from

See for details.

Sources List

Kernel Version . 2.4.20 see
Patch Donor Patch Status
base-2.4.20-8.patch Sony/Panasonic baseline patch (see CELinux_031030_Release)
ulinux-i386-refactored-01.patch Lineo Solutions platform patch
ulinux-kgdb-i386-refactored-01.patch Lineo Solutions bugfixes for kgdb for i386
ulinux-kgdb_031219.patch Lineo Solutions introduce kgdb support - OK
ulinux-sh-refactored-1.patch Lineo Solutions Add Renesas SH support
toshiba-rbtx4927.celf20031030.patch Toshiba Add RBTX4927 support
arm-celf-integrator-040301.patch ARM Fix some integrator structure defs - OK
mips-lasat-clean-fix.patch Sony Fix a problem with 'make distclean' for mips
embedded-menu-1.patch Sony Added "embedded options" menu
preset-lpj-1.patch Sony Isolated preset LPJ patch - result of BTWG activity
extraversion-celf2.patch Sony change EXTRAVERSION to celf2