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JBC-10 802.15.4 Cape

The JBC-10 provides a UART interface to an NXP JN5168 IEEE802.15.14 RF Transceiver, which in turn supports NXP's JenNet, JenNet-IP and ZigBee PRO protocol stacks. The JBC-10 also features two LED's and a push-button, for use by the JN5168 application. Antenna connection is provided by an on-board SMA connector; alternatively the connection can be made directly to the JN5168 module.

Software Support

A 'device tree overlay' is available for integrating the JBC-10 into the Linux kernel, and in addition we have ported the JenNet-IP Border Router software (JN-AN-1110) to the BeagleBone Black - an image file and example 'Buildroot' installation is available for evaluation.


Followings are some specifications of the JBC-10 Cape:

Electrical Specifications

Power 3.3V via BeagleBone header
Wireless Transceiver NXP JN5168-001-M05
Indicators Two user LEDs
Switches One user switch

Mechanical Specifications

Size 4.00" x 2.50"
Layers 2
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

JBC-10 Pin Usage

The JBC-10 Cape uses 11 signals including:

  • VDD_3V3EXP
  • DGND
  • I2C2_SCL
  • I2C2_SDA
  • GPIO1_16
  • GPIO3_21
  • GPIO1_13


EEPROM Suport Yes
Board Name JN516X 802.15.4
Version A000
Manufacturer LN Systems
Part Number BB-BONE-JNZB
Pins Used 7


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