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Jayneil Dalal

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Jayneil Dalal

Jayneil Dalal is an Embedded Linux Engineer/Technical Writer who loves to explore different open source technologies and has been a key member of the and project at Texas Instruments. He has previously presented at Southeast Linuxfest 2013, Linuxfest Northwest 2013, Embedded Linux Conference 2013, Linuxcon North America 2012, Drodicon 2012 in Berlin, Southeast Linuxfest 2012, Indiana Linuxfest 2012, Linuxfest Northwest 2012, Scipy 2011 and Opensource bridge 2012.




Latest Resume


1. Instant OpenCV Starter

2. Mastering the Pandaboard

3. Building Image Processing Embedded Systems using Python

4. Building An Android Image From Source

5. Data Recovery in Linux

6. Video Editing the easy way using KdenLive

7. Top 11 Open Source softwares

8. Beaglebone Guides

9. Pandaboard Guides

10. Getting Started with the Beaglebone


Jayneil has also created video tutorial on various open source technologies which can be viewed below:

Jayneil's YouTube channel