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LTSI Kernel Porting Information: OpenWRT

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LTSI Kernel Porting Information: OpenWRT

What had been done:

  • Support for new generic kernel 3.4 is added into target/linux/generic: LTSI patches are integrated with OpenWRT patches in target/linux/generic/patches-3.4, default configuration for the kernel is provided in target/linux/generic/config-3.4.
  • Support for the Cubox board on top of 3.4.39-ltsi is added to target/linux/cubox. Cubox support got to linux mainline in 3.6, so relevant patches were backported to 3.4.39-ltsi.

No changes to LTSI patch series is required.

The following patches are provided for OpenWRT:

You can also view OpenWRT git tree with the above patches at or clone it from git://