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# Luminary Micro Stellaris LM3S9B9x Evaluation Kits
# In-Circuit Debug Interface (ICDI) Board
# Essentially all Luminary debug hardware is the same, (with both
# JTAG and SWD support compatible with ICDI boards.  This ICDI adapter
# configuration is JTAG-only, but the same hardware handles SWD too.
# This is a discrete FT2232 based debug board which supports ARM's
# JTAG/SWD connectors in both backwards-compatible 20-pin format and
# in the new-style compact 10-pin.  There's also an 8-pin connector
# with serial port support.  It's included with LM3S9B9x eval boards.
interface ft2232
ft2232_device_desc "Luminary Micro ICDI Board"
ft2232_layout luminary_icdi
ft2232_vid_pid 0x0403 0xbcda