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Minnowboard:Bob Lure

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Break-out-board or the 'BOB' Lure is a small accessory board that is primarily intended for use with the MinnowBoard. It provides a convenient way to access the different interfaces on the MinnowBoard expansion port.

Bob-lure-closeup.jpg Bob-lure-top.jpg Bob-lure-front.jpg Bob-lure-back.jpg Bob-lure-side.jpg


  • 62.25mm x 62.25mm (2.45" x 2.45")
  • Connector A99192TR-ND Female (digikey part number)
  • Mated height 6mm (when mated with 5mm base)
  • Single hole for mounting point
  • Breakout for all low speed signals
    • i2c
    • spi
    • gpio
    • UARTs
    • usb host
    • +5V
    • +3.3V
    • Ground




  • TBD