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Parallella Software

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Ubuntu Linux is the official operating system for the Parallella computer and the GNU-based Epiphany SDK (eSDK) is the official software development environment.

Support for other Linux distributions and operating systems is welcomed, as is support for new software development environments and programming languages.

Questions and offers of help should be directed to the forums.

SD Card Setup

SD Card Setup Macintosh

Operating Systems



The Parallella FTP site has Linaro Ubuntu 12 SD card images for:

  • 18 and 66-core prototypes (Ubuntu 12.03)
  • 18-core Gen0 boards (Ubuntu 12.04)
  • 18-core Gen1 boards (Ubuntu 12.04)

Linaro Nano

Shodruky Ryhammer (shodruk) has put together a how-to for setting up a Linaro Nano 14.03 system (Minimal headless / Light-weight X environment).


Andrew Back (9600/carrierdetect) has created a minimal/headless Debian 7.0 + eSDK and COPRTHR image.


FreeBSD is being ported to the ZedBoard and there is interest in a Parallella port.

Software Development

Epiphany SDK

The Epiphany SDK is the primary development environment and comprises:

  • GCC, GDB and newlib
  • Epiphany driver, loader and runtime library
  • Eclipse IDE
  • BSPs
  • Utilities

Pre-built packages can be downloaded from the Parallella FTP site.

The Epiphany SDK is jointly developed by Embecosm (GCC, GDB and newlib) and Adapteva (everything else). Contributions in the form of bug reports and patches are welcomed at GitHub.



OpenCL development is supported by COPRTHR SDK which is developed by Brown Deer Technology.



Erlang Solutions are looking at Erlang support for Parallella and further details will be provided in due course.



Mortdeus has started work on a Go back-end for Epiphany.



Hoernchen has created an LLVM back-end for Epiphany.

Yabin is currently (15/05/13) looking at Clang support and other features.