A13 OLinuXino-MICRO

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JTAG support

The A13 OLinuXino-MICRO has JTAG support brought out to an unpopulated 6-pin header next to the headphone jack. Solder a piece of header strip and it's ready to go.


The table below shows the pinout for the proprietary JTAG header on the board. All pins are clearly silkscreened on the bottom of the board.

A13 OLinuXino JTAG Pin JTAG Signal ARM 20-pin JTAG ARM 14-pin
GND 1 GND 10 10
TDO 2 TDO 13 11
TCK 3 TCK 9 9
TMS 4 TMS 7 7
TDI 5 TDI 5 5
3.3V 6 3.3V  1 1


This config file can be used with a BDI configured with the ARM11/Cortex-An firmware and the standard BDI ARM/Xscale 20-pin JTAG cable.

A13 OLinuXino-MICRO BDI config file