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Board and Chip Vendors

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  • Bluetechnix makes tiny Blackfin modules to simplify custom board development
  • Broadcom - makes ARM chips for mobile phone market




  • EFlag Tech does custom Blackfin platform designs (software and hardware)
  • eInfochips - The Solution People Open-RD based platform
  • Elphel, Inc provide high performance Network Cameras based on Free Software and Hardware designs. Axis EtraxFS & Spartan 3e 1200k gates FPGA.


  • Freescale Semiconductor - Wikipedia entry
    • Freescale makes the MX31 ARM11-based processor (and associated development boards), among others.
    • Freescale makes several PPC-based processors (and associated development boards) as well.


  • Gumstix sells various very small processor and add-on boards. Especially interesting for robotics related projects.


  • Hua Heng Tech does custom Blackfin platform designs (software and hardware)
  • HV Sistemas S.L. makes tiny Blackfin modules to simplify custom board development





  • NEC - makes ARM chips, used to make lots of MIPS chips


  • Qualcomm - makes multicore ARM MSM products that support Linux
    • Their Snapdragon platform provides a 1GHz ARM core and advanced DSP.