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== C ==
== C ==
[ CALAO Systems]
*[ CALAO Systems]
* [ Embedded Computers]
** [ Embedded Computers]
* [ Expansion Boards]
** [ Expansion Boards]
* [ Development Boards]
** [ Development Boards]
* [ USB Keys]
** [ USB Keys]
* [ Home And Building Automation Controllers]
** [ Home And Building Automation Controllers]
[ CompuLab Ltd.]
*[ CompuLab Ltd.]
* [ ARM based modules running Linux]
** [ ARM based modules running Linux]
* [ NetTop running Linux]
** [ NetTop running Linux]
[ Crank Software]
*[ Crank Software]
* [ Storyboard Suite Embedded User Interface]
** [ Storyboard Suite Embedded User Interface]
* [ Embedded Consulting Services]
** [ Embedded Consulting Services]
* [ Embedded WebKit Development]
** [ Embedded WebKit Development]
[ CWLinux]
*[ CWLinux]
* [ Single-board SysOnDIMM computers]
** [ Single-board SysOnDIMM computers]
* [ OEM customized platforms]
** [ OEM customized platforms]
== D ==
== D ==

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This page provides information about companies that build and sell consumer electronics devices with Linux as their operating system. If you're looking for companies that build and sell Linux distributions for embedded devices or who provide services around embedded Linux, please see the Vendors page.

You may also want to look at the Source code download sites page, which has a list of places to get open source software from different companies.





DataPatterns India Pvt Ltd





HITEG LTD - Company focus on embedded board,single board computer Developmentboard


iEndian - Company formed to fund and manage production of Balloonboard

Intel - Wikipedia entry

Intellimetrix - Computing for Science and Industry


kernel concepts

KOAN sas

M - Home of Intel's "Mobile Linux" distribution and tools

Motorola - Wikipedia entry

MontaVista - Wikipedia entry

Mistral Solutions


Neuros Technology - Wikipedia entry

Nokia - Wikipedia entry

NXP Semiconductors - Wikipedia entry




ProFUSION embedded systems



Samsung - Wikipedia entry

Sony - Wikipedia entry

Secure Computing - Wikipedia entry SnapGear family of products homepage Simtec Electronics - Hardware and Software design [1]


  • Timll A Chinese company focused on providing standard single board computer and custom modules for ARM embedded applications
  • TechNexion


TechnologicSystems at

TomTom Wikipedia entry

Toradex Embedded Computer Modules



Wacom - is a world-wide company that produces graphics tablets and related products. Wacom's OEM sensor technology has been used by many major Tablet PC vendors. A detailed list of Wacom products and their histories can also be found at WikiWacom.


Xilinx - all programmable™

Instructions for submitters

Please add company names in alphabetical order, and follow the existing format. Make a link from your company name to your main web site. If you have a wikipedia entry, please link that as well. If you would like to, you may list a few of your Linux-based products, but please don't go overboard.