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IRC Channels


#eLinux IRC for the community (Archives). (Web-based access via Mibbit)
#edev Discussion for small embedded device development and hacking.
#openezx Discussion about Motorola's EZX phone platform, such as the A780, E680 and E680i Linux based GSM phones.
#dlinkhacking This is the place to discuss software and hardware hacking of ALL DLink products
#linux-sh Linux on SuperH(SH) Devices.
#mipslinux Linux on MIPS Devices.
##electronics General electronics discussion.
#oe Channel for discussion of OpenEmbedded development environment OE Homepage.
#davinci Discussions regarding the TI Davinci platform and EVM related hardware.
#openmoko Open Source Telephony; irc log of this channel can be found at
#maemo Nokia Internet Tablet OS; irc log of this channel can be found at
#neuros Neuros OSD Hacking
#usdtv USDTV/Hisense HDTV Receiver Hacking
#u-boot U-boot bootloader
#openjtag where the openocd folks hang out
#fedora-arm Fedora on ARM based processors
#beagle BeagleBoard related discussions (archive, Web based interface)


#emdebian Debian-based embedded and crosstools stuff, and emdebian distribution
#debian-arm Debian ARM port