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(Hardware Tools and Information)
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= Hardware Tools and Information =
= Hardware Tools and Information =
* [[Flameman]]'s hardware hacking pages
* [[Flameman]] & legacy's hardware hacking pages (68k, mips, powerpc, blackfin, avr, and much more)
* [[Flyswatter]] USB JTAG and RS-232 adapter
* [[Flyswatter]] USB JTAG and RS-232 adapter
* [[Sparkfun_Camera]] - Low cost cmos camera
* [[Sparkfun_Camera]] - Low cost cmos camera

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Information about running Linux on devices that are or have been available to the general public. This includes both officially supported devices and project devices (or devices that unofficially run Linux).

Project Devices

Supported Devices



  • Portable cluster hardware and related technologies for parallel computer tutorials, demonstrations, research.

Here is a list of original projects.

Hardware Tools and Information

Software Tools and Information