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Harwell Computer Parts

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EL33 4 Output Pentrode Details
EL360 9
85A2 2
8D3 9
VR150/3 1
12AT7 4
ECC91 10
EB91 2
GC10B 1 computing counter (octal base) Details
G1/371K 6 High-Speed Trigger Details
GTE175M 34
ECC81 (12AT7) 2
6AM5 1
6J6 (ECC91) 4
6AL5 (EB91) 2
E90CC (6J6) 35
E92CC (6J6) 4
GS10C 1 Details
GC10A 16 Non-Store Functions Details
GC10A 810 Store Registers Details