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BeagleBone LCD 5" Cape

The Nh5cape is a LCD extension for beaglebone / beaglebone black.

  • Resolution: 800x480
  • 24 bit color
  • PWM backlight control
  • Multitouch capacitive touchscreen
  • 4 user buttons

Power is taken from the beaglebone.
Video demo can be seen at http://youtu.be/zDcHMCXM60A

Revision Changes

Revision A0

Initial release of BeagleBone LCD 5" Cape.

BeagleBone LCD 5" Cape

Revision A1

Cape now consists of 3 separate boards: stackable cape, LCD with adapter, and buttons board. Removed support of adxl345

BeagleBone LCD 5" Cape

Software Support

  • Ubuntu with Kernel 3.15 support.
  • Ubuntu with Kernel 3.8 (device tree) support.
  • Rowboat android with Kernel 3.2 support.
  • Available: patches to the current kernel, images of ubuntu and android.


Followings are some specifications of the BeagleBone LCD 5" Cape:

Electrical Specifications

Power 3.3V via BeagleBone header
5V via BeagleBone header
Display Model Newhaven NHD-5.0-800480TF-ATXL#-CTP
Display Type 5" TFT LCD
Resolution 800x480
Touchscreen multitouch capacitive
Switches Four user Switches
Connectors One 46-position male headers
One 9-position male connector for accelerometer

Mechanical Specifications

Size 95 x 195 mm
Layers 2
PCB Thickness 1.6 mm
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

BeagleBone LCD 5" Cape Pin Usage

The BeagleBone LCD 5" Cape uses 41 signals including:

  • VDD_3V3EXP
  • VDD_5V
  • DGND
  • GPIO1_16
  • GPIO1_19
  • I2C2_SCL
  • I2C2_SDA
  • GPIO1_17
  • GPIO3_19
  • GPIO3_16
  • GPIO3_19
  • GPIO0_31 (removed in rev. A1)
  • GPIO3_21
  • LCD_DATA[0..23]


EEPROM Suport Yes
Board Name nh5cape
Version 00A0
Manufacturer Cembsoft
Part Number BB-BONE-NH5C-01
Pins Used 38




Distributors are welcome at victor.0xf at gmail.com

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