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== Documents ==
== Documents ==
*Mapping of ACPI states to omap power states: {{pdf|media:Acpi-to-omap2-mapping.pdf|ACPI to OMAP2 Mapping}}]]
*Mapping of ACPI states to omap power states: {{pdf|media:Acpi-to-omap2-mapping.pdf|ACPI to OMAP2 Mapping}}
== Open Source Projects/Mailing Lists ==
== Open Source Projects/Mailing Lists ==

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This page has information about Power Management for Linux. Power Management exists because many products are handheld or mobile, and consumers are interested in using their products for as long as possible on a single battery charge.

Power Management Technology/Project pages

CELF Standards

  • add link to pdf here CELF Power Management Specification Version 1.0 R2 NOTE: this standard is old, CELF is working on new requirements, which are available elsewhere (see below)
  • add link to pdf here - Draft version of current PM requirements


Open Source Projects/Mailing Lists