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RPi Partial BOM Rev2.0 ModelB

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Partial Bill-Of-Materials for a RaspberryPi Revision2.0 Model B

Another example of the sort of thing you can auto-generate by slicing & dicing the data in my handy CSV files - here's a list of all the components (and their quantities) required to assemble a RaspberryPi Model B according to the Rev2.0 schematics. This isn't a full BOM as it doesn't include full details, component sizes/specs, all part numbers, etc.
To complete this example, the Python script I used to generate the table below has been uploaded here.

ComponentType PartNumber Value Quantity
capacitor 91
capacitor 1n0 2
capacitor 10n 3
capacitor 22n 1
capacitor 33n 2
capacitor 100n 42
capacitor 220n 16
capacitor 15p 4
capacitor 27p 2
capacitor 33p 2
capacitor 56p 1
capacitor 100p 1
capacitor 1u0 6
capacitor 4u7 4
capacitor 10u 5
capacitor (polarized) 4
capacitor (polarized) 47u 3
capacitor (polarized) 220uF 1
connector 9
connector PD-8/095 10/100 Ethernet 1
connector PF-15/026 15-pin flat flex 2
connector PA-5/013 3.5mm audio 1
connector PD-USB/109 DUAL USB TYPE A 1
connector PD-HDMI/110 HDMI 1
connector PD-USB/112 MICRO USB TYPE B 1
connector PA-3/018 PHONO (RCA) 1
connector SD-CARD 1
crystal 2
crystal 19M2 1
crystal 25M0 1
diode 1
diode BAT54 1
diode (light emitting) 5
diode (light emitting) GRN 3
diode (light emitting) RED 1
diode (light emitting) YEL 1
diode (protection) 2
diode (protection) Rclamp0524P 2
diode (signal) 7
diode (signal) BAV99 7
diode (voltage suppressor) 1
diode (voltage suppressor) SMBJ 5V 1
header 1
header PH-26/004 User GPIO 1
inductor 8
inductor LQM2HP_G0 1U0 1
inductor BLM15AG601 3
inductor BLM18AG121 2
inductor BLM18AG601 2
integrated circuit 4
integrated circuit BCM2835 CPU & GPU 1
integrated circuit NC7WZ17 Dual Buffer 1
integrated circuit LAN9512 LAN & USB 1
integrated circuit K4P4G324EB RAM 1
polyfuse 1
polyfuse miniSMD 1A1 6V 1
regulator 3
regulator NCP1117-1v8 1v8 1
regulator LP2980-2v5 2v5 1
regulator NCP1117-3v3 3v3 1
resistor 39
resistor 0R0 1
resistor 10R 1
resistor 15R 1
resistor 33R 6
resistor 49R9 4
resistor 150R 2
resistor 240R 1
resistor 270R 2
resistor 1K0 5
resistor 1K6 2
resistor 1K8 4
resistor 3K9 1
resistor 8K2 1
resistor 10K 3
resistor 12K 1
resistor 12K4 1
resistor 47K 2
resistor 1M0 1
Total 178