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RaspberryPi Comparison

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RaspberryPi Compared to like devices


RaspberryPi Compared to like devices
Device Price(USD) LINPACK Benchmark Latest release Date Max storage IO speed RAM Max network IO speed Max Video en/de code Audio specification other(GPIO,jtag,usb,etc) problems
RaspberryPi $35 41MF 2012/10/15 30MB/s 512 10MB/s h264 1080p30@20Mbps hdmi channels? GPIO,usb2,hdmi,audio,vga analog audio clicks and hums, USB works with some devices
ARNDALE-5250-A $249 72GF 2012/10/26
Cubieboard $49 TBD(2012/10/00) GPIO,usb2,hdmi,audio,vga
VIA APC $49 TBD(2012/06/00)
Arduino €39 2012/05/19
BASIC Stamp $90 2006‎/01/18
BeagleBoard $149 2010/10/14
BBC Micro £335 obsolete(1985)
Cotton Candy $199 2012/09/00
MK802  ? 2012/05/00
Ouya $99 TBD(2013/04/00)
Aakash/UbiSlate $35 2012/04/00
PandaBoard ES $182 2011/11/16
Odroid-X $130 2012/11/01
Mele A1000 $93 2012/11/05
TonidoPlug2 £75 2012/10/03
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