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SELinux -- Security Enhanced Linux

Current works about embedded SELinux

Many codes are submitted to Linux and userland community.

Linux kernel


Xattr support for jffs2


Reducing read/write overhead[1]

Reducing memory usage:[2]

Improving performance in AVC miss:[3]


Audit support for SH:[4]

SELinux userland

Reducing size of library: Merged to libselinux 2.0.35: [5]


Applets related to SELinux are merged to BusyBox in 1.8.0.

Support to assign domain to applets is merged to 1.8.0: [6]


SELinux Policy Editor will be helpful. See [7].

If you prefer fine grained configuration, Reference policy[8] is better.

Example of porting

Openmoko port

Technical documents, presentations

  • SELinux for Consumer Electronics Devices, Paper for Ottawa Linux Symposium 2008, paper and video.
  • Example of porting to SH (Super H) was reported in CELF Jambolee #18: [9].
  • Xattr port to jffs2 (Japanese), [10]

Remaining issues



logfs, yaffs, cramfs do not support xattr yet.