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(Mini Pprojects)
(Mini Pprojects)
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Mini Project 4
Mini Project 4
[[File:BoneGyroDemo2.png|thumb|left|Once the script is up and running you will begin to see the sensor data rendered across the time axis plots with regards to each rotational direction of the gyroscope as well as its internal temperature]]
[[File:BoneGyroDemo2.png|thumb|Displaying gyroscopic sensor data with node.js]]

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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class Ruffin White RHIT

  • Ruffin White
  • Electrical Engineering Major
  • Robotics Minor
  • Class of 2013.


Project topics I'm interested in:

  • RCs - Using remote control for hobbies

Mini Pprojects

Mini Project 1

Mini Project 2

Breakout board for InvenSense's ITG-3200

Mini Project 4

Displaying gyroscopic sensor data with node.js

Github Repo


How To

  • none yet

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class Ruffin White RHIT