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ADC-001 – Audio Experimenter's Platform for Beaglebone Black and Beaglebone Green from Electroniscript, inc.

The ADC-001 is an analog-to-digital converter designed as a cape for the Beaglebone Black and Beaglebone Green (BBB). The converter is envisioned as an experimenter's platform for audio signal processing. It is designed for use with electret microphones. (Ready-to-use microphones are available from Electroniscript under part no MIC-001.) Features of the ADC-001 include:

  • High quality Analog Devices A/D converter: AD7172.
  • Configurable sample rate; sampling up to 31ksps. Determined by AD7172 settings.
  • 24 bit A/D. ENOB depends upon system bandwidth, sample rate, and filtering in AD7172. At 31ksps with default filtering, ENOB = 13bits.
  • Two AC-coupled input channels.
  • Inputs for two electret mics, -44dB sensitivity, 2.2K impedance, 2V. Suggested mics: POM- 2246L-C33-LW100-R from PUI Audio.
  • Audio frequency range: 50Hz – 15kHz.
  • Open-source driver and data-acquisition software to run the board is available for free download at GitHub under The code is written in C. All support files are also included.

Example applications

The ADC-001 interfaces with the Beaglebone Black via SPI link over the expansion headers. The wide frequency range of the ADC-001 and the processing power of the AM3559 make the combination a powerful system for signal processing applications in the audio range. Target applications for the ADC-001 include:

  • Sound capture and analysis.
  • Audio signal processing.
  • Audio-frequency data acquisition.
  • Embedded sensors and controllers.
  • DSP algorithm prototyping and development.
  • Education, research, and development.

Further information

A more complete description of the ADC-001 cape is presented in this document on GitHub.

A companion directory on GitHub holds the drivers and example code showing how to use the cape.

A brief user's guide may be found on GitHub.

Getting the ADC-001

The ADC-001 cape is available for purchase at BNM-Hobbies.

The accompanying microphone, MIC-001, is also available at BNM-Hobbies.