Add checkpointing or logging to UBIFS

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Add checkpointing or logging to UBIFS
Tim Bird


Currently, the UBI file system takes a long time to be ready for use, due to a badblock scan that takes place during initialization of UBI (the UBI attach operation). The scan takes a time that is linearly proportional to the size of flash. As flash sizes grow, the delay caused by this scan becomes a problem.

It would be beneficial to eliminate the scan, or make it more scalable, using some kind of checkpointing or logging.

Related work

UBI logging feature submitted by Samsung

A developer with Samsung (in India) proposed UBIL - UBI logging - to solve this problem, in April 2010.

I seem to recall someone at the kernel summit (maybe Thomas) telling me that these patches improved the speed, but still had scalability proportional to the flash size.


A rough estimate would be 3 months of development and test work, followed by some work to mainline the changes upstream.

Contractor Candidates

  • Thomas Gleixner
  • Artem Bityutskiy
  • Free Electrons