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Mailing Lists

See for a list of official Android mailing lists, and instructions for joining these lists.

  • android-platform
    • Discussion of user-space Android code, including system libraries, service, public APIs or built-in applications.
  • android-porting
    • Toolchains, device-specific customizations, board bring-up and optimizations
  • android-kernel
    • Discussions of Linux kernel and Android-related changes
  • repo-discuss - Repo and Gerrit discussion
  • android-beginners
    • Beginning users of SDK and getting started with Android development
  • android-developers
    • Experienced developers - implementation help, optimizations, etc.
  • android-discuss
    • General discussion of the platform, usage, ideas for new features, etc.
  • android-security-discuss
    • Security issues. Please don't disclose vulnerabilities directly on this list.
  • android-security-announce
    • Low-volume list for security announcements by the Android Security Team.

Other lists

  • android-ndk - Android Native Development Kit (NDK) mailing list
    • List for people working on native code. This list is targeted by Google at supporting developers who are writing native shared libraries to use via JNI from their Java-based applications. You won't get any help using 'agcc' or other community-developed native development tools there.