Android on S3C6410

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The mini6410 Single Board Computer is a high-performance controller board introduced by CoreWind. It is designed based on the S3C6410 microcontroller, 256MByte mDDR SDRAM, 256MByte Nand Flash, RTC, Audio and net on board. . is designed to highlight open source softwareare communities and projects that utilize Samsung technology. It aims to centralize information about open source projects on Samsung S3C6410, S3C2449 devices, We encourage your suggestions on the site and ways for Samsung to interact and serve the open source community.

It is a open source project that came from CoreWind Corporation. This page will explain how to Compile the Android system. If you buy Mini6410, the Android source code and cross compile tools is supplied in DVD.


Mini6410 android23.jpg

Build environment

3.1 Cross compile tools
3.2 Source code Prepared

Build the linux system

4.1 configure and compile linux kernel
4.2 configure and compile Android system
4.3 make the root filesystem
4.3.1 make yaffs filesystem
4.3.2 make UBIFS filesystem
4.3.3 make Ext3 filesystem

Android Application program

2 Download and install JDK
3 Download and install Android SDK
4 Download Android packages
5 Install Eclipse development tools
6 Install Android Development Tools
7 Configure the Eclipse
8 Create Android Virtual Device(
9 Develop the first android application program
9.1 Creat HelloMini6410 project
9.2 Run Application in AVD
10 Install the debug tools for Mini6410
10.1 Install USB ADB
10.2 Test ADB with Mini6410
10.3 Run application in Mini6410 by USB ADB

6 Android Test method

3.1 Android Ratation Test
3.2 Android MP3 Test
3.3 Android SD wifi Test
3.4 Android CMOS camera Test
3.5 Android net Test
3.6 Android 3G Test
3.7 Android USB bluetooth Test
3.8 Android Udisk Test
3.9 Android backlight Test