BeagleBone Black Start Qt App on boot

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First of all, I am very glad to write this page and many thanks to @jkridner you help me a lot , let me learn lots of things.

uh, I bought beagle bone on 22/09/2013, it has demo system of angstrom in eMMC, it's kenerl 3.8.13. so lots of web sit about auto login beaglebone on boot with change file /etc/inittab will can't be used. because there's no /etc/inittable file in beaglebone.

if you want to cross compile QT you can look at : 

if everything is all right, you get the QT work with beagle bone. but you can not write GUI application work with beagle bone while you beagle bone log in the graphic user interface, need stop gdm and remove gdm service from beagle bone in terminal:

    update-rc.d -f gdm remove
    systemctl disable gdm.service

exec the above two commands, reboot, the beaglebone will login to console. now if you want to use root automatic login on boot need edit:


file add

    -a root to the end of the ExecStart line
then reboot. you will find beagle bone start automatically login with root.