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Yantrr INDU ModBus/Canbus Cape

Yantrr INDU series of capes provide the capability of interfacing with sensors and instruments using RS232/422/485 & CAN. These capes are designed to industrial grade I/O interface standards assuring reliable operation and protection in extreme operating environments. The electronics on the capes has been tested to be in compliance with strict EU standards for radiated and conducted emissions.

Utilizing Modbus and Canbus protocols, these capes transform VIBE/VIBE2 IoT platform into powerful SCADA & process control systems. INDU capes are also fully compatible with BeagleBone CPU platform.

Models with integrated wide-range 15W isolated DC-DC conversion electronics allow operation of the system from battery based industrial systems and solar panels.


INDU-RS3HD-DC15W model provides following interfaces -

3x RS485/RS422:

  • Pluggable 3.5mm 3-pin Terminal Header for each port
  • 3x Half-Duplex RS485 ports
  • Upto 256 devices supported on each port
  • Upto 500 kbps operation
  • 10KV Surge / 4KV Peak / 2.75KV RMS galvanic isolation
  • 30KV (HBM) ESD protection
  • Uses standard UART drivers in Linux kernel (linux support provided)

1x RS232:

  • Pluggable 3.5mm 3-pin Terminal Header
  • +/- 25V tolerant I/O

DC-DC Conversion:

  • 36V-9V Wide-input range, 5V output (upto 3A, 15W) DC-DC power conversion
  • Pluggable 3.5mm 2-pin Terminal Header for DC input source
  • 1.5KV RMS isolation
  • Provides power to BeagleBone CPU, Yantrr VIBE/VIBE2 systems, other capes installed on BeagleBone header also.


  • Dedicated EEPROM for CAPE ID


  • Fully compatible with BeagleBone CPU systems
  • Fully compatible with Yantrr VIBE/VIBE2 IoT platforms with builtin 3G/LTE modems


Manufacturer's Link

  • For ordering and more information about this cape, please visit Yantrr Electronic Systems.
  • For software and hardware support for these capes, visit Yantrr Wiki.
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