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This page shows you how to boot Asterisk and FreePBX on your BeagleBone Black. This is just an option in addition to the Angstrom that ships with the boards. These options are not officially supported by Circuitco or

Main Process

The steps described here are steps you must take before booting Asterisk described in this Wiki. These instructions are for users with a Windows computer.

  1. You have to options to download the Asterisk image file
    Torrent Download File
    Direct Download
  2. After you have downloaded the .img.xz file, use a program such as 7zip to extract the image file.
    • Once 7zip is installed, right click on .img.xz file you just downloaded and click 7zip > Extract Here, to extract the .img file.
  3. Insert the microSD card into your computer.
    • Using a microSD-to-SD or microSD-to-USB adapter is fine
  4. Use Win32 Disk Imager to write the image onto your micro SD.
    • Instructions on how to use Win32 Disk Imager can be found [Beagleboard:Win32_Disk_Imager | Win32 Disk Imager]].
  5. After Win32 Disk Imager has finished, remove the microSD card from your computer.

You are now ready to follow directions below that will show you how to boot from the microSD you just created.

Asterisk On Micro SD

This section assumes you have completed the Main Process section at the top of this page. This section shows you how to install Debian Wheezy on a microSD card to boot your BeagleBone Black from. NOTE: This process does not flash the eMMC with an image to boot from; it only provides instructions to boot from a micro SD card every time.

  1. After you have put the BeageBone Black Asterisk image on a micro SD card, insert it into the powered-off BBB.
    • Also make sure you have a keyboard, mouse, display, and Ethernet connected
  2. While holding down the boot button, apply power to the board. Continue to hold the 'boot' button until the USER LEDs begin to flash
    • You should use a 5V external power source if possible, USB power is acceptable but may not work.
  3. After about a minute your screen should show the terminal login prompt, sign in
    User: root
    Password: beaglebone
    • Note: echo is turned off for typing in password
  4. You should now have a terminal.
    • Remember that any time you want to boot from microSD you may have to hold down the 'boot' button. If you don't, the BBB may just boot from whatever is on the eMMC. To prevent this from happening see [Beagleboard:BeagleBone_Black_FAQ#How_can_I_just_boot_from_the_microSD_instead_of_the_eMMC.3F | this FAQ]]

For more information about Asterisk for BeagleBone Black, visit their website.