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Status and TODO

Checkout Information

Code is located in Spenser309's Github Account.

To do a checkout:

$ git clone git:// -b <board> <directory>

Board List

Board Status Branch Notes
RaspberryPi WIP rpi gst-omx patches (Submitted)
PandaBoard WIP panda none
BeagleBoardXM WIP beaglexm defconfig patches (Brewing)
ti-gfx patches (Brewing)
BeagleBoneBlack WIP beagleblack none
SABRE WIP imx6 none
Wandboard WIP imx6 none
Cubieboard WIP cubieboard none
ODROID-U2 WIP exynos none


  1. ti-gfx patches.
  2. package opengl benchmarks.
  3. package arm-fpu openmax libraries.
  4. omxplayer patches.
  5. mali driver patches.
  6. package libhybris.
  7. get daily builds running.

Weekly achievements

Week 22

Week 23

  • RFC ti-gfx patches
  • v10 gstreamer and omx patches.
  • Accepted libglib and webkit patches.

Week 24

  • Published a Journal Paper which mentions Buildroot :)

Week 25

Week 26

  • ti-gfx RFC v2 & v3
  • ti-gfx v1
  • working qt4 integration.

Week 27

  • ti-gfx v2
  • ti-gfx v3
    • Fix headers
  • confirm plan of action with prabu on pandaboard support
    • newest pandaboard graphics is available from ubuntu launchpad
    • only supports hard float
  • beaglebone black up and running but no output on display.
    • investigating adding cape support as it may be required for hdmi out.
    • need to add firmware_install to linux.
    • Sent patches for firmware install.

Week 28

  • ti-gfx/qt patch
    • pvr2d.h and wsegl.h issues. Demos segfault when using . Was a unclean build issue.
    • Fix eglimage build.
    • PowerVR virtual package.
    • Release v4 patch
    • Release v5 patch
  • Beaglebone Black
    • Working HDMI output.
    • submit patch for beagle-capes package that installs in-kernel dtbos
  • Sunxi Mali
    • Created RFC for adding sunxi-mali drivers

Week 29

  • Send patch to fix libglib2 autobuild failures.
  • ti-gfx/qt patch
    • Release v6 patch - Merged!
  • Improved and mainlined sunxi-mali, and sunxi-cedarx patches

Week 30

  • Out of Town

Week 31

  • Out of Town

Week 32

Week 33

  • Attempt bump from 7.10.3 -> 9.1.6. Cont'd
    • try to remove libdrm_radeon dependency.
    • Set all config opts to disabled, except gbm.
  • Add glmark2
    • It built successfully with Mali on Cubieboard.
    • Determine how to handle libpng12 requirement. Either regress libpng to 1.2.x, port forward to 1.4.x or add option to install multiple versions of libpng. Thomas: create libpng12 package. Done.
    • Finalize patches currently waiting in build dir. Done.
    • New bug . New patch added to mesa.
  • Modify libdrm for reduced dependencies.
    • Only pthread-stubs is actually required.
  • Modify mesa3d to reduce dependencies provide more control.
  • Bump libdrm to latest.
    • Enable experimental support for omap, exynos, and snapdragon.
  • Testing glmark2 on target

Week 34

  • glmark2
    • Need to test on Cubieboard
      • Working! Required a largish patch for mali and the fbdev branch!
    • Need to test on RPI
    • Need to test on BeagleXM
      • Boot failed with new uboot. Debugging.
      • Reverting to 2011.06. (no img support)
      • Reverting to 2011.12. no luck.
      • Assuming broken board. Will attempt on other Beagle XM.
  • mesa3d
    • Need to test on Intel system.
    • Need to run BBB build with libdrm and see what that gives us.
  • Packaging changes
    • Create a patch to bump libdrm
    • Create a patch with fixes for sunxi-mali
    • Create a patch with bump and demo for sunxi-cedarx
    • Create a patch with mesa3d bump, modularization, and reorganization.
    • Create a patch for libpng12
    • Create a patch for glmark2
  • Start Wandboard (imx6) based testing.
    • Created <creates sdcard for use with wandboard>
    • Created <installs images to wandboard sdcard>
    • Success wandboard requires that the sdcard be placed in the onmodule sdcard slot (not the expansion board)
    • OpenGL vv_launcher example app runs successfully.
    • Attempting glmark2 build.

Week 35

  • Added mesa3d-demos and got it to build without opengl.
  • Addressed previous patch set issues.

Week 36

Week 37

Week 38


Pandaboard powervr drivers . Also, official omap4 & 5 ddx releases .