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Upcoming patchwork sessions:

April 19th: list of topics to discuss

To be defined.

March 8th: list of topics to discuss

Remaining to discuss

  • [1/1] toolchain-wrapper: prevent use of unsupported -fstack-protector*
    • Thomas: do we want this? I personally don't really like adding more and more crap to the wrapper. But others might disagreed.
  • [v2,1/1] core: add option to force compiling C++ as C++11
    • Thomas: I don't like this.
    • Yann: I don't like it either:
      • packages that need C++11 should pass the adequate flags to the compiler
      • still the problem of C++11 programs that need to link against a non-C++11 library (ABI issues)
  • [1/1] package/libgpg-error: bump to version 1.21
    • Thomas: libgpg-error now has some architecture specific bits. Shall we follow upstream? I'd say yes.
    • Thomas: I've started rebasing on master and fixing the comments.
  • "package/gdb: avoid build issue with gdb sources from a git repository" or " [RFC] package/gdb: simplify the disable doc hook"
    • Thomas: we need to make a decision about this

Already discussed

  • "[1/1] overlay: Allow overlay to be a tar archive."
    • Thomas: In principle sounds like a good idea to me.
    • Peter made a review, raising some concerns. Patch marked as Changes Requested.
  • [1/1] taskd: new package
    • Thomas: do we want such a package in Buildroot? A command line TODO-list application in an embedded system?
    • Yann: taskd is just the server part, so I'd say 'yes'. Review sent to ask for some changes; marked as changes-requested.
  • [RFC] DO NOT APPLY Remove usr/ component from HOST_DIR
    • Thomas: Do we want to go this way? Personally I'd say yes.
    • Yann: I'm totally fine with the idea.
    • Arnout will update his patch, possibly splitting it in several steps by using a usr -> . symlink
  • [1/2] toolchain: add support for the newlib library
    • Thomas: Final decision on this?
    • Only acceptable if it will actually be followed up.
    • Arnout has replied and marked as Changes Requested.
  • "[1/2] help: add a way to document targets declared in" and "[2/2] help: relocate help messages specific to one package"
    • Thomas: I'd say yes to patch 1/2, but no to patch 2/2 (I had already submitted a similar approach, and it was rejected in the past)
    • Arnout commented, new version was posted already