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Making /mnt/stateful_partition exec friendly

NOTE: You need to root your CR48 before you can do this!

Finally found out how to make the /mnt/stateful_partition exec permission persistant.

  • sudo su
  • nano /sbin/chromeos_startup -- I'll use nano

Now, when scrolling around in nano, if the screen does not refresh properly when scrolling up/down pages, press CTRL-L to make it redraw the screen

While in nano, CTRL-C will give you you're current cursor position.
We want to edit lines 51, 58, and 67.<p> Remove noexec, from each of those lines
The line should then look something like .... -o nodev,nosuid .....<p> You can also remove the ,nosuid if you'll be wanting to install and SUID programs on the stateful partition.
Save the file by pressing CTRL-X and answering Y and pressing enter for the filename.
Reboot, and your stateful partition should be remounted with the correct options from this point forward.

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