Configuring Windows 7 for OpenOCD

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By default, Windows 7 disables several options needed to run OpenOCD. This guide will enable them.

Enable 'Run' in the Start Menu

Enabling the Run Command

OpenOCD provides a command line interface, but the Run command in the Start menu used to reach the command line is not enabled by default. To enable the Run command:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Right click on the Start menu and left click Properties.
  • Left click the Start Menu tab.
  • Click on Customize...
  • Scroll down to Run command and left click the checkbox.
  • Click OK.

You should now see the Run... option in the Start menu. To open the Windows command line interface, click on Run... and type cmd.

Enable the Telnet Client

Enabling the Telnet Client

You may want to use the Windows telnet client to connect to OpenOCD, but the telnet client must be enabled first. To enable the telnet client:

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • If the View By dropdown menu in the upper right shows Category, change it to Large Icons or Small Icons.
  • Click on Programs and Features.
  • On the lefthand side, click on Turn Windows features on or off.
  • Click on the checkbox next to Telnet client.
  • Click OK.

To run the telnet client, open the Windows command line interface and type telnet [server] [port]. For example, to connect to OpenOCD running on the same computer, type:

telnet localhost 4444