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The CryptoCape contains several components to enable high security applications using the BeagleBone. The cryptographic ICs include a Trusted Platform Module, an encrypted EEPROM, two dedicated authentication chips, a Real Time Clock with a dedicated coin cell battery, and an ATmega328p, which is programmable from the BeagleBone.

The Cape is manufactured by SparkFun Electronics and was designed as a collaboration between SparkFun and Josh Datko of Cryptotronix.


Electrical Specifications

Power 3.3V via

expansion header

Indicators Green LED attached to the ATmega328p
Connectors Two 46-position headers
Various signals brought out to pads and plenty of proto space

Mechanical Specifications

Size 2.15" x 3.40"
Layers 2
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes


EEPROM Support Yes
Version 00A0
Manufacturer SparkFun Electronics
Part Number BB-BONE-CRYPTO-00A0
Pins Used 17


CryptoCape Pin Usage
Open Source Yes
System Reference Manual In progress
Schematics PDF, EagleCAD
PCB Files Eagle
Gerber Files Yes
Bills of Materials Yes


AT97SC3205T (TPM) datasheet
ATAES132 datasheet
ATSHA204 datasheet
ATECC108 datasheet
ATmega328p datasheet
Maxim Integrated DS3231M datasheet
CAT24C256 datasheet

IC Linux Software AVR Software
AT97SC3205T (TPM) TrouSers on Debian: apt-get tpm-tools. kernel Driver Backported by R. Nelson
ATAES132 AVR Library
ATSHA204 Linux User Space CLI application AVR Library
ATECC108 Linux User Space CLI application AVR Library
ATmega328p BBB ATmega Programmer Loaded with ProMini 3.3V Bootloader
Maxim Integrated DS3231M Kernel Driver Use DS1307
CAT24C256 Default BBB EEPROM


SparkFun Electronics: Product Page

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