DHT-Walnut Known Working Hardware

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This page lists all hardware that is known to work (and not to work) with the DHT Walnut board. Some PCI cards that don't work, may have kernel/driver compilation issues. Here is a kernel that works with the drivers listed below.

[[[Media:kernel]] 2.6.16-pre-3 kernel]

Known To Work


  • Matrox Millenium II (framebuffer console for kernel 2.4 & 2.6)
  • ATI Rage XL (atyfb driver with mods for kernel 2.6.16-pre3)

USB Cards

  • Best Buy 2-port USB2.0 card (NEC D720101GJ) -- NOTE: Some kernel trees has no console mapping for the Walnut target, so while USB works, keyboard only works in X.
  • Compu Geeks 2 & 5 port USB2.0 cards (NEC D720101GJ--(NOTE: Kernel 2.6.16-pre3 and later seem to handle the console mapping ok, and both usb keyboards & mice (some) work ok. )--

SCSI Adapters

  • Adaptec 2930CU is recognized by the AIC7xxx driver

Sound Cards

  • No Name CS4280/4297A PCI uses cs46xx driver, needs IBM4xx DMA support turned on in the kernel config.
  • Creative Labs En Soniq es1370 uses ens1370 driver, needs IBM4xx DMA support turned on in the kernel config.

[[[Media:sound.tar.gz]] Drivers]


USB Serial Adapters

  • FTDI USB-Serial adapter chipset (ftdi_sio driver as module, kernel

Known Not To Work


  • most "standard" PCI video cards
  • many of these cards need their hardware initialized by the BIOS which the DHT doesn't have.

Sound Cards

  • Aureal Votrex2 using au88x0 driver, built from either the latest ALSA sources or from those in kernel 2.6.16. The driver loads and appears to initialize without errors, but causes a kernel oops when an application tries to use it.