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mpd server

Following in the footsteps of Nate True, I turned a DHT-Walnut + parts into a server to play my music collection. It grabs the data via nfs from an NSLU2, and is controlled via various mpc-like clients from my desktops.


After the above was running flawlessly for a day, somehow the usb audio device got fried. May have been a ground loop in the stereo. I had gotten used to having music playing. so I dug out an old PCI sound card (CS4280 based) and compiled the drivers and plugged it in. GIGO... seems like IBM4xx DMA support needs to be turned on in the kernel to make it work. Things are fine now with a few extra ground wires, just to be sure.

[[[Media:config.gz]] 2.6.16-pre3 configuration]