Didj GPIO Map

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GPIO Registers

Register GPIO A Address GPIO B Address GPIO C Address Comments
GPIO_OUT C000A000 C000A040 C000A080 GPIO "Write" register (pin must be in output mode)
GPIO_OUTEN C000A004 C000A044 C000A084 Output enable: 1 = pin output mode, 0 = input mode
GPIO_PAD C000A018 C000A058 C000A098 GPIO "Read" register (pin must be in input mode)


Group Index GPIO Function
[31:0] Unknown
[31:6] Unknown
[5:2] SD DAT[3:0] (at cartridge connector)
[1] SD CMD (at cartridge connector)
[0] SD CLK (at cartridge connector)
[31:21] Unknown
[20] #Power Switch
[19:14] Unknown
[13] Brightness Switch
[12] Pause button
[11] Question button
[10] Home button
[9] B button
[8] A button
[7] Right shoulder
[6:5] Unknown
[4] Left shoulder
[3] D-pad Down
[2] D-pad Up
[1] D-pad Right
[0] D-pad Left