ECE497 Notes on BeagleStache

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BeagleStache is a fun demo using OpenCV to detect faces and give them a nice mustache.


Instructions for installing BeagleStache can be found at the link above. They are copied here for convenience.

Run the following as root on the BeagleBone:

 git clone git://
 cd stache
 make && make install

Now this will install a desktop icon called 'stache.desktop' that runs the shell script '~/stache/runstache'. By default this script will run the Twitter version that requires a Twitter account to be set up. I modified it to bypass that as below:

 cd $HOME/stache

How to Run

Double click the desktop icon. If you encounter problems, you can make the following modifications to help debugging. In '~/stache/runstache' append a the line '$SHELL'. And in 'stache.desktop' set 'Terminal=true'


This fun little demo highlights the power of the BeagleBone to do real time video processing.