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I'm retiring this page.

I'm seeking answers for these questions.

Question Asker/Answerer Answer
Where does the x11vnc get started?

I don't see it in the /etc/init.d folder.

Mark A. Yoder/Cody Collins It looks like it is being started by X. If you look in /etc/X11/Xinit.d/ there is a file named 02vnc, which contains the following code:
x11vnc  -q -bg -display :0 -forever -avahi
A new demo image has been posted. How do I get it into my ~/oe/Angstrom-dev area so I can work on it? Mark A. Yoder/Brian Embry The demo image is simply a precompiled one built from the OE git repo. Simply update your git repo, you may need to remove your ~/oe/angstrom-dev dir to force a rebuild of everything
git-reset --hard #This may or may not be needed if you have local changes they will ALL be lost
git pull --rebase
In u-boot, what is boot.scr? What can I do with it? Mark A. Yoder/ It's a uBoot script that can be placed on the SD card. You can use it to set custom kernel parameters without changing the bootloader itself.
Where is ldd that runs native on the Beagle? Mark A. Yoder/
How do I run/configure the busybox httpd? Mark A. Yoder/