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EOMA-compliant LCD Monitor (TV)

EOMA Lcd tv motherboard.png

This is a simple product concept: an LCD Monitor which is sold typically with a Passthrough card, which can be replaced with a CPU Card or an EOMA/PCMCIA-compliant TV card. An option also exists to create a hybrid product that has both TV and Computing Appliance capabilities.

With a little forward-planning, EOMA-compliant LCD Monitors can be designed to cover a full range of product options. For example: if an eSATA socket and Ethernet port are included (or if there is room internally for an SATA Drive) then when the customer decides to upgrade the LCD Monitor into a computer, it will have convenient access to a Hard Drive. Likewise, if the customer decides to upgrade the LCD Monitor into a TV, the TV software will have convenient access to a Hard Drive and can thus act as a Personal Video Recorder.

This product concept therefore covers a very very diverse range of products - all of them easily upgradeable and yet having no unsightly wires - from the simple LCD Monitor, to a Media Centre, "all-in-one" Desktop PC, Internet TV, Personal Video Recorder and much more.

On the example diagram, it can be seen that the TV tuner is on a separate card. As this is nothing more than a USB device, potentially the space allocated for the TV tuner could be utilised by other devices, such as WIFI or 3G Cards. Such concepts are however beyond the scope of EOMA but are mentioned for completeness: the Mini PCIe form-factor or even a recessed USB socket suitable for pen-drive USB dongles would be sufficient.