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The Dog House is a safe place to put your Beagle! It is an industrial grade enclosure and 20 watt dual power supply that is up to 85% efficient, specifically designed for the BeagleBone Black.
The enclosure is made from 16 gauge powder coated steel. It is tough enough for the most rugged installations and includes provision for DIN rail mounting with removable clips. The enclosure consists of an upper section with the integrated power supply and a lower section for your BeagleBone
The 20 watt power supply provides galvanic isolated 5V at 2A supply for the BeagleBoneBlack via the cape connectors as well as another galvanic isolated 5V at 2A supply for peripheral use.

The DogHouse on 35mm DIN Rail

The DogHouse on 35mm DIN Rail


Followings are some specifications of the DogHouse Cape and enclosure:

Electrical Specifications

Input 9-30V AC/DC
Output 1 5V via BeagleBone header and terminal block
10 Watt Max. including the BeagleBone
Output 2 5V via terminal block
10 Watt Max.
Indicator Power LED
Fuse 5 x 20mm
Hi-Pot >2kVDC Input-Output
Connectors Two 46-position male headers
One 6-position terminal block

The independent isolation of the second 5V supply (Output 2) allows you to connect the two 5V supplies in any configuration such as; +/-5V or 5V/10V or even if you just need another fully isolated 5V.

PCB Mechanical Specifications

Size 3.40" x 2.15"
Layers 2
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes

Housing Mechanical Specifications

Enclosure Size 3.56"L x 2.50"W x 1.80"H
Enclosure Material 16GA. MS
Enclosure Finish Powder Coated
DIN Rail adapters PA uncoated

Signal Usage

Power VDD_5V
Escherlogic DogHouse pin usage.png


No EEPROM is used.


Escherlogic Inc.

Product Images


Terminal Block

Terminal Label Desc.
1 V1 (+)5V Output 1 (BeagleBone VDD_5V)
2 GND 0V Output 1 (BeagleBone GND)
3 V2+ (+)5V Output 2
4 V2- 0V Output 2
5 AC AC/DC Input
6 AC AC/DC Input

Each output is capable of suppling up to 2A continuous current.
Note: AC/DC Input is isolated from both Output 1 and 2.

Output Configurations

Configuration Jumper Terminal-1 Terminal-2 Terminal-3 Terminal-4
5V, 5V(isolated) (+)5V GND 5V(iso) 0V(iso)
(+/-)5V 2-3 (+)5V GND GND (-)5V
(+)5V/(+)10V 1-4 (+)5V GND (+)10V (+)5V
5V up to 4A 1-3,2-4 (+)5V GND (+)5V GND

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