Hammer LCD 4bit Grey Scale STN

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The Hammer supprts an LCD interface which can be configured to drive various kinds of displays. The following is how I wired up a 16 shade greyscale, 4 bit single scan, 320 x 240 LCD panel.

I used a Sharp LM32K10 display panel.



The above schematic uses a 74AC244

The driver interface can be done with either:

The source of V- is left to the user, this panel requires about 7-10ma at -18-19VDC.

I used an *NMA0515S with the V+ connection grounded, so its output is ~-30VDC at up to 33ma.

The following circuit drops the -33V to -18V for use by the LCD panel.

The transistor I used is a 2N3906 but any PNP device that can handle 100ma collector current will do. V-bias.jpg

The Hammer signon message displayed on the LM32K10 LCD panel.


LCD's that can be used with the Hammer using the same interface:

Other LCD panels with built in controllers that could be used with the Hammer(These panels have an on-board controller and do not use the S3C2410's lcd controller):