Installing A Software Package In Angstrom

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In this guide, we will learn how to install a software package in Angstrom which is an embedded Linux distribution. Though, the reference board for this guide was MinnowBoard, you can use the same instructions for any other board running Angstrom.


  • First step is to make sure that the MinnowBoard has internet connectivity. Connect one end of an Ethernet wire to the gigabit Ethernet port on the MinnowBoard and the other end to your router. The figures below illustrates the same:
Gigabit Ethernet port on the MinnowBoard Router
  • Power on the MinnowBoard and login to Angstrom. Refer this link for more detailed information on how to do it.
  • Check the internet connectivity by typing the following command in a terminal window
ping -w 2
You should get an output similar to the one shown in the figure below:
Checking Internet Connectivity
Note:- I am doing all the changes to the MinnowBoard by accessing its serial console through my computer.
  • Update the list of available packages:
opkg update
'opkg' is the default package manager in Angstrom.
  • Next, is the part where we search the package that we want to install. This is done so that we can know whether the particular package is available in the Angstrom package repository or not. There are two ways to do this. The first and more easier method is to search for it via feed browser using an internet browser.
Alternatively, you can use the command below to achieve the same results
opkg list|grep <package name>
Note:- Please replace <package name> with the name of the package you are looking to install.
For example, I want to search for the Ruby programming language in Angstrom. So, I would type the following command:
opkg list|grep ruby
Searching for Ruby programming language package in Angstrom
  • To install a package in Angstrom, type the following command
 opkg install <package name>
So to install Ruby, I would type the following command:
opkg install ruby
Installing Ruby in Angstrom
To run Ruby, go ahead and type the following command:
Running Ruby in Angstrom
'irb' stands for interactive ruby

Tips and Tricks

  • To see if a particular package is already installed in Angstrom, type the command below
opkg list-installed|grep <package name>
  • For full usage information on opkg, refer this link