Jetson/L4T/r32.2.x patches

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[MMAPI][DS4.0] Memory leak in MJPEG decoding
[MMAPI]Hit segment fault in jpeg decoding
[MMAPI]Set qp range error
[GSTREAMER]The pipeline with nvjpegenc works abnormally
[GSTREAMER]Cannot configure CAVLC in main/high profiles
[GSTREAMER]nvgstplayer local playback
[GSTREAMER]Issues in decoding interlaced streams through nvv4l2decoder
[GSTREAMER]High CPU loading in nvcompositor
[GSTREAMER]Fail to configure winsys to nveglglessink
[GSTREAMER]Cannot use nvv4l2h264enc in test-launch
[GSTREAMER]Memory leak in video/x-raw ! nvvidconv ! video/x-raw(memory:NVMM)


[VI][TX2] missing buffer's timestamp update for v4l2 buffers.
[VI][Nano] missing buffer's timestamp update for v4l2 buffers.
[VI][Xavier] fix the known issue of multiple cameras stream-off process.
[VI][Xavier] VI stops capturing on multistream configuration
[GSTREAMER]nvarguscamerasrc Buffer Metadata is missing
[USB depth camera cause argus camera failed]
[Fix DMA buffer for running multiple bigger resolution sensors] 


[Xavier]Patch for RealSense D435
[TX2/TX2/Nano/Xavier] USB firmware hangs when using some specific devices


[GPIO error during cboot]


[sdcard speed slow]