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Here we share some useful FAQs for Jetson Nano.

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Design with module

Weight of Nano and TX2 module?

tags: Weight

the weight of TX2 and nano module. It's ~88gm of TX2 and ~18gm of nano.

Is Quad SPI supported on Nano?

tags: QSPI

QSPI is being used on module. Doesn’t come down the SODIMM connector so not available for user to connect externally.

Is Wake On Lan supported?

tags: WOL

Wake On Lan is supported on TX1, but not on nano A02 and earlier version, it is fixed after A02.

Devices on Jetson Nano

Does Nano support CAN?

tags: CAN

There is no CAN controller on Nano (TX1). So it is not supported.

Why no sound output with DP port?

tags: DP, eDP, sound

Jetson Nano is same as TX1, no audio and HDCP when its eDP is used as DP.

Does Nano support Lidar?

tags: Lidar

There is an example usage of Lidar on TX1 per

The usage of AO_therm and GPU_therm?

tags: AO_therm

AO_therm is used for a truly robust thermtrip and as an LP0 wake source, as other zones will cease to operate during LP0. And it is not used for GPU temp as there is a GPU_therm already for that.