JuiceBox MMCHack

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This was taken from the Discussion Forum posted by Mouser:

JuiceBox Slot Function MMC
Pin 1 VDD Pin 4
Pin 4 CS Pin 1
Pin 12 SO Pin 2
Pin 16 SCLK Pin 5
Pin 18 SI Pin 7
Pin 21 VSS Pin 3 and 6

Internal PCB for the MMC cartridge:


MMC Adapter Schematic by octel:


It has been pointed out that the "adaptors" that normally come with the smaller MMC-like flash cards (RS-MMC, mini-SD, micro-SD, etc) make reasonable (if somewhat large) sockets for the small flash cards.

PCBs by Westf W:

These mostly use the sockets available on eBay from eBay Seller exdwh, and are designed to be reasonably manufacturable using hobbyist PCB fabrication techniques.


Zip file of CAD files for Cadsoft EAGLE Media:flash-adaptors.zip (includes schematic, board layout, and etc) for several versions of flash adaptors and "helpers" that plug into the JuiceBox socket.