LeapFrog Pollux Platform: Create RGB Image

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This is pretty simple, the 'imager' application wants raw 24bit files, R8G8B8, to do this I downloaded the popular image viewing package called Irfanview. It has some editing features in it and it will let you save files in different formats too (as long as its got the necessary plugins for your file type).


Mount USB Drive (Didj)

Enable SSH (Explorers)

Software Needed

irfanview (Windows)

Hardware Needed

Console Access

Creating the Image

The image should be 320x240, if it is bigger than this, it will not be displayed properly. Any image under this size will will be display as is, and oriented at the top left 0,0 coordinates.

imager will not blank the screen before showing your image, so if your image is smaller than the recommended size what ever was on the screen previously will display along the bottom and right edges, where your image does not cover.

Convert to RGB

Steps needed to convert an image to .rgb

Open your image file in irfanview

Go to the file menu and choose 'Save As'

Set the 'Save As Type' box to 'RAW -Raw image data' make sure the color order is set to 'RGB' and that the 'Interleaved' radio button is selected.

Double check your settings and hit the save button

Browse to where you saved the file and you should have a file with a .raw extension, change it to .rgb You can then unmount the partition or disconnect from SSH.

Using the console to your device run the following command:

imager /dev/layer0 /path/to/your/image.rgb

You should now see your image on the screen.