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The Figure below annotates a few important Jumpers and Headers on the MinnowBoard. Please note that headers like J12(Gigabit ethernet) which are self explanatory have not been annotated or covered here.

Jumpers and Headers on the MinnowBoard



It is a jumper that will hold the Real Time Clock in reset. This was done for early diagnostics on the MinnowBoard and will be removed in the revision A1.


It is a power header that is intended to provide power to an external 2.5" form factor hard drive. Larger hard drives require +12V in addition to +5V, however the 2.5" laptop style hard drives only require +5V. This header only provides ground and +5V.


It is a two pin header designed to indicate SATA activity via a LED. It is provided just in case someone wants to put the MinnowBoard in a case and also monitor the hard drive activity.


It is a three pin header that allows you to choose how to control the +3.3V power to the expansion headers. Pins 1-to-2 configure the +3.3V to be always ON. Pin 2-to-3 configure the power to be controlled via the Atom core GPIO4. This allows you to toggle the power using standard GPIO controls.


It is a two pin header that allows you to provide power without using the J15 barrel jack. This can be used with battery configurations or test bench configurations where a barrel jack input might not be practical.