Mpp Reference Tiers

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Aspect Smart Phone Media Terminal Feature Phone Plain-Old Mobile
Focus business focus Personal/Entertainment Focus Lifestyle Focus (voice plus social networking support features) Voice
Primary Functionality Full PDA functionality (Calendaring, address book) Strong PIM support, personal content management features Minimal PIM functionality (phonebook, datebook) Phonebook and call logs
Extensibility Extensible (downloadable features) Limited extensibility (MIDlets or BREW) Limited extensibility (MIDlets/BREW) No extensibility
Multimedia Optional Vido capture support, Media/content players, stereo Limited multimedia support (pictures, MP3, MIDI,Simple, low-frame-rate animations) None
DRM Optional Multiple DRM schemes Hard DRM (limits on copying any media of given types) None
Camera Optional 2-3 megapixel camera VGA camera or no camera No camera
Browser XHTML Browser XHTML Browser WAP Browser (text-centric) Embedded access to specific URLs
Display QVGA or larger color display QSIF or larger color display QSIF or smaller color display Small display (64x96), non-color
Interaction Touchscreen UI or QWERTY keyboard plus pointing device Specialized keypad for media/game interaction Standard keypad plus carrier-specific keys Standard keypad
Connectivity 3G connectivity, possibly WLAN, Bluetooth, IrDA 2.5G or 3G connectivity, possibly WLAN; High-speed USB; Bluetooth 2G connectivity; USB or serial cable 2G connectivity; proprietary accessory cable
Memory 32M RAM, 64M ROM, removable storage 64M RAM, 64M ROM, Hard Disk or large removable storage 16M RAM, 16M ROM, no removable storage 8M RAM, 8M ROM or less
Processor 120MHz 200MHz 30MHz 15MHz