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NEC's NaviEngine 1 is a SoC product based on ARM's ARM11MPCore. It's for car navigation systems that adopts the SMP (Symmetrical Multicore Processor). The chip delivers high-speed parallel processing performance of up to 1920MIPS at 400 MHz. In addition, NaviEngine1 has 2D and 3D graphics using the POWERVR SGX 535 graphics core by Imagination Technologies. Volume production is scheduled to begin in March 2009.



A block diagram shows the internals of NaviEngine1 chip.

Eval board

An evaluation board is available:

  • NEC uPD35001 System-on-chip (ARM11 MPCore x4)
  • DDR2 SDRAM (256MB)
  • NOR Flash memory (64MB)
  • NAND Flash memory (256MB)
  • Three on-chip UARTs
  • LAN9118 Ethernet adapter
  • On-chip LCD controller
  • USBH2.0, ATA6, PCI, CSI, SPDIF, I2S, etc

It's available from Personal Media Corporation for 312.900 Yen. See specification page and (japanese) product sheet.


Operating systems

The following operating systems are running on NaviEngine:

Demo running eT-Kernel on one CPU and WinCE on the three other ARM11 cores. Demonstrates graphic performance, too.


QEMU emulation for NaviEngine is part of 2008.05 OpenSolaris. It emulates

  • DDR2 SDRAM (256MB)
  • NOR Flash memory (64MB)
  • Three on-chip UARTs

See OpenSolaris release note section 1.2 Architecture for details and OpenSolaris installation section 6.1 Setup QEMU.