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A reasonably minimal Debian 7.0/armhf development system with:

  • Debian base and a few useful extras (locales, dialog, openssh-server, ntpdate, python, sudo, less, avahi-daemon)
  • ARM toolchain and friends (build-essential, automake, autotools-dev, libtool, cmake, bison, flex)
  • Epiphany SDK
  • COPRTHR SDK (OpenCL, STDCL etc) and dependencies (including libboost-dev for examples)

Root filesystem = ~930M.

Intended to be used "headless", although X11 and OpenJDK (for the Eclipse IDE) etc. can easily be installed.

Please note that this is not an official/supported distribution.


19th February 2014

Main software versions:

  • Debian 7.0
  • eSDK
  • COPRTHR 1.6-CURRENT (18.02.14)

Download: 288M bzip2 compressed file, expands to ~1.5G (md5: f6c4569faa0ec7611d4184c381a1bbdb)


Simply write to a microSD card using dd, e.g.:

$ sudo dd if=9600-debian7-parallella-190214.img bs=4M of=/dev/sdb

Login: epiphany / password: parallella

Note that the serial console (ttyPS0) automatically drops into a root shell also.