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How to use PVRTune with R-Car Gen3 Starter Kit.

Ex.) HostPC is Linux 64-bit:

  1. Download pvrtune.
  2. Install PVRTune.
    PC$ ./PVRTuneDeveloperSetup-2020_R1.run-x64
  3. Copy PVRPerfServerDeveloper to the target filesystem.
    PC$ sudo cp "/opt/Imagination Technologies/PowerVR_Graphics/PowerVR_Tools/PVRTuneDeveloper/PVRPerfServer/Linux_armv8_64/PVRPerfServerDeveloper" -t <target-filesystem>/home/root
  4. Run PVRPerfServerDeveloper on targer board.
    root@h3ulcb:~# ./PVRPerfServerDeveloper
  5. Run PVRTuneDeveloperGUI on Host PC
    PC$ "/opt/Imagination Technologies/PowerVR_Graphics/PowerVR_Tools/PVRTuneDeveloper/GUI/Linux_x86_64/PVRTuneDeveloperGUI"
  6. Input IP address of board into form "Connect to", then click "Connect" button.

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